Why Implementing Ashwagandha Into Your Diet Is A Good Idea. - Root Herbal

Why Implementing Ashwagandha Into Your Diet Is A Good Idea.

Why Implementing Ashwagandha Into Your Diet Is A Good Idea. - Root Herbal

Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub that grows in India. It is commonly used for stress, it is one of a class of plants known as adaptogens.

As an adaptogen, it is used for many conditions related to stress. Adaptogens are believed to help the body resist physical and mental stress. Some of the conditions it is used for include insomnia, aging, anxiety. Ashwagandha has commonly been described as the “Indian ginseng” because for many years it has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurveda is an alternative medicine system which has historical roots in India but has proven to have a natural, root-cause solution across society - where it is widely used to treat common ailments.


What Are Some of The Health Benefits?

  • Relieves stress & anxiety - Ashwagandha is one of the most potent natural adaptogens. These are compounds help the body respond to stress, anxiety and fatigue - as well as supporting overall wellbeing.
  • Hormonal balance - Ashwagandha has been shown to help balance hormone levels throughout the body. This can effect everything from sex hormones and sexual function to thyroid health and cortisol levels which create stress. For this reason, Ashwagandha is particularly useful to help women at changing stages of the life cycle.

  • Cognitive Function - Studies have shown that Ashwagandha Powder has had a positive effect on brain performance - including attention span, memory, processing speed and reaction times.

  • Enhances strength & endurance - Small research papers have found that Ashwagandha Powder can help improve elements of exercise performance including strength, muscle size, stamina and endurance.

  • May help to fight disease - Ashwagandha contains an active component of Withaferin A (WFA), which has been shown to have a number of benefits against many human illnesses. It is thought that its antibiotic, antibacterial and cytotoxic function could make ashwagandha an effective adjuvant treatment alongside medical interventions.


What Are Some of The Side Effects

  • Large doses of Ashwagandha might cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and vomiting. Rarely, liver problems might occur.
  • Women should avoided consumption of Ashwagandha during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.